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Rafael Momeñe Erhardt

I'm a developer.

I design and develop apps. I'd love to talk to you about your next project.


These are some of the more recent projects I've been involved with.

this or that

An easy to use, mobile-centric web app used to make polls. If you can't decide on something, in 3 steps you can make a poll to send out to your friends and then sit back and watch the votes tally in real time.



A simple tool, made for developers and designers, to grab the color palette out of a photo. Upload an image, and you'll get back the hex and rgb codes of the ten most prominent colors in the image.


Miami-Dade Elections Parser

I'm interested in local elections. Miami-Dade County provides great data on election nights, but their website leaves a lot to be desired, and is a chore to use on mobile.

On election night 2016 I quickly wrote this to parse and present the election data from Miami-Dade County in a mobile-friendly format for me to refresh on the go.

Please note that the results for state and national contests only reflect votes cast in Miami-Dade County.


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